Those three words kicked off Sportstalk every weekday night for thirty years!  And now Pleasant Good Evening – A Memoir takes you through my trailblazing journey as the host of Canada’s longest running radio show of its kind.

You might say this book began when Sportstalk did in 1984 because as a copious note taker I diarized each of our nearly 8,000 programs, archived hundreds of hours of shows and maintained a personal journal of all my travels, key meetings and life events. All of these provided the foundation for this book.

I remain humbled to have had so many loyal listeners throughout British Columbia. If you were one, I sincerely believe you’ll enjoy the many ‘behind the scenes’ matters that took place in order to keep the show going. Or as the subtitle says — “My 30 Wild and Turbulent Years of Sportstalk”.
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Dan Russell



Dan Russell’s Sportstalk was appointment listening for tens of thousands of BC sports fans over its three-decade run. What began in 1984 as a simple 50-minute filler would grow into the longest-running and most-listened to show of its kind in Canada.

Russell created and solo-hosted weekday evenings as Sportstalk became the gathering spot for Vancouver Canucks fans, highlighted by memorable marathon coverage of the 1994 and 2011 Stanley Cup finals.

Pleasant Good Evening-A Memoir-My 30 Wild and Turbulent Years of Sportstalk Radio by Dan Russell


(Hardcover, Paperback, e-Book)


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